Goddess Mia

Tutorial, washing my dirty, smelly socks – part 2

You all must be thinking at some point what do Goddess Mia wants in the slut? How does she want her slut to behave, how to clean and smell? Well, this is just for you sluts, the real tutorial how to behave around the Goddess like me. My slut will demonstrate that for you. I like when sluts obeys, when they listens instantly, no time left between the order and doing that job. Most of all, I love when slut only think about my soles and their smell and stink while they’re cleaning them, that’s what separate good slut from a bad one. You can see on this slut’s face that she really enjoys being around my precious soles and cleaning it whenever I need. I know just how you think slut, I know what makes you sweat and this is the picture that will stuck to your head for a very long time-the picture of my slut cleaning my very dirty socks! Oh I know that you already started touching yourself and imagining yourself in her place. You see, it’s not that hard to enter inside your head. Once I’m in, I will never leave. I will be there, inside your head and manipulate you just the way I know it. And I know that’s just what you want too, there’s no running from me slut!


Length: 13 minutes
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Added: 10/26/20 10:38AM