Goddess Mia

Secretary knows all your dirty secrets – FULL

Oh sluts, I love when you welcome me on your knees, that’s the best way to show appreciation to your Goddess.
Anyway, it’s a story time. Once upon a time there was a boss who really liked to be humiliated by his secretary and looved to pay her everything that she wanted. One day, he left his wife’s phone number on a desk along with his credit card details. Oh you’re wondering: “Is he that stupid??” Haha he was testing secretary to see if she’s good and loyal and if she’s gonna take those information.
BUT, he didn’t think that she’s so cruel and was capable of doing such a thing. Ohh, my feet are sweating just thinking about it, what a beautiful moment to have someone’s life in your hand, right?
Anyways, that clever secretary just knows how to get everything that she wants, from deep cleaning of her feet to luxurious trips everywhere she wants.
Any hint who that secretary is?


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