Goddess Mia

It’s time for your punishment – part 2

This slut is so disrespectful! I can’t believe that he didn’t do what I told him to do. He had a task to clean my house and what is he doing? He’s resting. Oh slut, you will pay for you mistake. His face will be under my beautiful ass. He will fight to catch his breath. Haha it’s so wonderful to see him struggle with that ass on his face.
Oh, this slut is so boring, he can’t handle one minute without breathing. Weak slut, step your game! I want you to suffer. But he seems to like it. I don’t blame him, who wouldn’t like Goddess Mia’s ass on his face, right?
What’s that slut? I can’t hear you from that ass on your face. Keep smelling it till you learn your lesson!


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