Goddess Mia

I love looking you from above – FULL

I absolutely loove when you’re on your knees, way down with your elbows on the ground and I’m the Goddess I am, just watching you from above, like you’re a worm or something hahah. Oh wait, you ARE a worm haha. Or a bug,… oh whatever you like, or whatever I like(yeah, that’s more likely). You’re just on your spot, waiting for your Goddess to give you orders. Oh, what a beautiful sight! An those puppy eyes you make when you want so bady to touch or smell my beautiful feet… Hahaha those moments are so precious! But of course, I decide everything, you’re here to obey and be the good slut. Now, you’re not here to read this, you’re here to show the Goddess how good slut are you! Start doing the job you’re here at the first place!


Length: 14 minutes
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Added: 10/26/20 10:38AM