Goddess Mia

Chew my dirty socks – FULL

I have interesting story for you, sluts. Few years back, I had a slut from Luxembourg came here to me for cleaning my dirty socks. I begged me so much that I couldn’t say no, I was like why not. At that time, I lived with my two girlfriend roommates. He thought that he would clean only my dirty socks but that wasn’t the case here. First, when he got here, we made him kneel in front of us, stripped his clothes and made him wear skirt and tank top. Hahah just imagine that sissy slut dressed as a girl doing all the jobs around the house. We laughed so hard, it was insane! We made him wash our dishes, clothes, he even licked our whole floor, LICKED yes! It was hilarious hahaha. As a reward for his good work, we filled his mouth with three pair or our dirty sweaty socks that we wore for like a week! The whole fucking week! Just imagine how much sweat was in them, and in the next minute his mouth was filled with it, amazing hahah! I bet you would love to be in his place. Remember slut, you can maybe try to run from these soles, but you could never hide. No matter how much you try, you just can’t run away from these, just like that slut from Luxembourg.


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