Goddess Mia

Agh, those socks stink so baaad! – part 3

Had the most exhausting day! I’ve been in all those girly places, you know: manicure, pedicure, done my hair, shopping with girlfriends… basically spending your money haha! WellĀ of course daah, I’m definitely not spending my money, don’t be silly hahaha.
So all those money spending made my feet sweat so much inside those sneakers, sweating with pleasure ofc! I found beautiful peace’s of clothes and the skin on my feet instantly wrinkles from sweat. Isn’t that beautiful? When my slut took then off… OMG! What smell that was hahah. Terrible! But you know what?
I know that you’re sniffing your monitor to smell them, now that’s pathetic hahaha. Stay pathetic sluts, but first PUT THAT PIGGY NOSE BETWEEN THOSE STINKY TOES hahaha!!!


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